Live Sale Rules

    Our lives are held on our Instagram @belladonnacrystals. Please view Instagram account for next live. Most often they will be held on Thursday nights 7:45 EST. Additional days may be added and sales times vary depending on stock. 

  • To claim please type in the letter and number on the sticker. (Ex. A15)
  • The number is the price. 
  • Please be kind and respectful to everyone! 
  • The person who’s claim comes up first on our screen is the bidder who will be able to purchase the item.
  • Please DM us after the show your email to receive your invoice. 
  • Shipping fees will be included in invoice and can range depending on the weight of your items.
  • Please pay your invoice within 24 hours of recent, otherwise the item(s) will no longer be available to you. 
  • If you do not pay your invoice/contact us that you do not want the items you claimed, you will no longer be able to attend future sales. 
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! 

Questions or Help Needed?

DM: @belladonnacrystals